EvaBot, The AI-Powered Relationship Building Assistant, Raises $10.83 Million Series A To Amplify Thoughtfulness in Business and Create High-Value Touchpoints

Press Release ·
March 27, 2024

About EvaBot

EvaBot is an emotionally intelligent gifting solution that enables thoughtful companies to accelerate the key relationships that increase both growth and competitive advantage. With a platform built to generate emotional engagement and to collect actionable intelligence, EvaBot is the standard in amplifying the customer and employee experience, creating an unforgettable journey for the recipient and truly valuable insight for the company. The company’s vision is to set the standard for business relationship development by using AI to personalize the physical and digital experience. For more information, please visit EvaBot.com and request a quick demo to experience EvaBot firsthand.

Eva is the future of business relationships. A future that starts now.

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