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What we do

Rapport is the key that opens doors and closes deals

EvaBot is the AI-powered automated platform designed to intelligently engage with every stakeholder and enable sales teams to build the dynamic rapport that deepens relationships and drives revenue.
Who’s it for

A simple tool for 1-on-1 Engagement. A powerful platform for Enterprise.

No more paltry win rates or stuck pipelines because someone missed a key relationship. We bring the all-in-one smart rapport building solution to everyone.

Sales Development

Easily connect with the person behind the prospect without Google or LinkedIn. Ensures every qualified lead shows up to the sales meeting.

Account Executive

Measure and improve rapport effectiveness per stakeholder. Insight from multiple champions improves the accuracy of forecasts.

Sales Leader

Structured and scalable system of engagement that makes building rapport automatic so every rep has the toolset to be the best rep.

Customer Success

Full ownership of an account’s rapport status and history so that every relationship stays in house and never leaves, even when the rep does.


Deals don’t go cold. People do.
Rapport is the lifeblood of your pipeline.

The Person,
Not The Persona

Knowing them only professionally is like not knowing them at all. We gather rapport intelligence from day one so you can make friends before you make them clients.

Systematized Rapport

You can’t afford for each deal to live and die by the rep. We make building rapport automatic so every deal accelerates forward - no matter who’s in charge.

Multi-Channel Outreach

Your prospect goes unresponsive because you’re stuck on the same channel. We use smart personal nudges to create multi-threaded touch points that always get a response

Deep Sales Insight

The only thing worse than losing a deal is finding out when it’s too late. We turn prospects into champions for your product and liaisons of insightful intelligence at every stage.

Real-Time Rapport Score

Measuring the effectiveness of any soft skill is frustratingly difficult. We add science to the art of the relationship, so you can track, measure, and improve every deal.

Rapport was always an art.
Now it’s a science.

Your best reps are masters of the relationship. EvaBot’s AI unlocks their mastery so that every rep can build the rapport that deepens relationships and drives results.

Step 1

It starts with an automated chat that gathers intelligence.

Step 2

Which triggers a timely nudge using personalized incentives.

Step 3

That drives high-level engagement and responsiveness.

Step 4

And delivers visibility and insight on every deal.