Break free from templates and robotic messages

EvaBot AI helps you craft messages that blend experts’ frameworks and pre-intent signals, all with a human touch.

Personalize with 
relevant facts

Choose from a list of sales triggers generated by EvaBot AI.

Utilize frameworks
by sales leaders

Give reps the freedom of frameworks (like VITO and PSA), structures and guidelines without the limitations of static, spammy templates.

Craft messages 
like a friend

EvaBot AI writes hyper-personalized messages, using selected signals and frameworks, that sound more human than Ai.

Scale through 

Duplicate success by sharing effective messaging strategies, elevating every 
rep to top performer status.

Accelerate Rep 

Ramp up new reps effortlessly so they can immediately contribute without lengthy learning curves.

Set a new standard 
of sales excellence

EvaBot AI propels every rep to peak performance while ensuring messaging compliance and pain-based personalization for your entire team.