Meter’s Time Spent on Manual Gifting Decreased by 87% by Using Evabot

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Meter enables companies to seamlessly set up and maintain enterprise-grade internet and WiFi networks. One of the organization’s foundational principles is to embrace kindness – which has extended to their gifting practices. However, this kindness-driven gifting strategy was strained as the company continued to expand.

Executive Operations, Andy Archibald says, “We are very big on being kind. That’s not just a motto we throw out. We really mean that in every sense of our company, so we were looking for a gifting service that could help us scale with that as we rapidly grow.”

From sending gifts to their candidates and employees to sending their customers personalized tokens of their appreciation, the burden of organizing and executing all of their gifting programs fell on the shoulders of several team members. When it came to honoring employee birthdays across the organization, gifts weren’t standardized and were sometimes last minute.

“It often fell on whoever had the free time at the time. It wasn’t any one person. It was a lot of us trying to take care of it.”

“EvaBot was really great because we love that we can send stuff to customers without having to figure out what they like. We can just get a feel of what they like through EvaBot. We also love it internally because we just type in our folks’ birthdays and it’s done automatically.”
Andy Archibald

Executive Operations, Meter

Along with sending gifts to customers and employees, gifting had become an integral part of Meter’s hiring process. They would regularly send candidates gifts that were tailored to their unique interests or expertise, like specialized books that no other company would send.

“We’d send books to candidates from generic online bookstore retailers, and it didn’t feel special or personalized. ”

Meter needed a way to send specialized gifts to their candidates without using an impersonal streamlined solution, which would still require some manual work. They also needed a strategy to ensure they weren’t forgetting birthdays and a way to enable any team member across the organization to send gifts to customers when needed.

The ideal solution would be one that could automate their gifting process while still incorporating the thoughtful, personalized touches that had become characteristic of their gifting culture – like including handwritten notes with each gift.

After receiving an EvaBot gift themselves and going through the quick AI-powered process of easily selecting their own gift, they asked, “How come we can’t do this?”


Meter reached out to EvaBot and implemented the automated gifting solution to handle their customers, candidates, and employee engagement.

“All these things need to be done, and something as simple as gifting is important but it falls through the cracks, so it’s great to have a service that can provide that for us without us always having to double check and think – did it get done? Did it not get done? Did we forget anybody?”

“Sometimes we might not be giving the best Meter experience because we haven’t actually spent the energy to personalize it more, but it’s great to know the options are now there to do that. All the gift feedback has been great.”
Andy Archibald

Executive Operations, Meter

For their HR team, candidate engagement accelerated significantly: “We’re now able to quickly send gifts out to candidates. For us, the slowdown was that if our head of recruiting is interviewing candidates all day, it’s going to be difficult for him to find time to actually ship these things out. Sometimes two weeks would go by before he could get to it, versus now – we can just go on EvaBot and within a day it’s been shipped.”

For all their other gifting programs, the key benefits were saving time – reducing time spent on gifting by 87%, to be exact – and the ability to deliver a personalized experience to whomever receives their EvaBot-powered gifts.

“I would say it’s time saving. You’re able to personalize everything, which is really important. It’s not like you’re getting this cookie cutter experience.”

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Eva is the future of business relationships. A future that starts now.

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