EvaBot, The AI-Powered Relationship Building Assistant, Raises $10.83 Million Series A To Amplify Thoughtfulness in Business and Create High-Value Touchpoints

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March 27, 2024

EvaBot’s chatbot gathers information to help businesses personalize gifts that are actually meaningful and enjoyable to recipients, resulting in deeper and more engaging relationships

SAN FRANCISCO — August 25, 2022 — EvaBot, the emotionally intelligent relationship solution that helps companies build and accelerate customer and employee relationships, today announced it has raised $10.83 million in Series A and debt financing, led by Comcast Ventures, with participation from Alumni Ventures, FortyTwo VC, Sacramento Angels,  Bloomberg Beta, Precursor Ventures, Forefront Venture Partners, and Silicon Valley Bank. The company had previously raised $3 million in pre-seed and seed funding. Andrew Cleland, Managing Director of Comcast Ventures, will join the Board.

The concept of corporate gifting to maintain healthy client relationships certainly isn’t a novel concept, but it has almost always, in actuality, meant little more than exchanging company-branded swag. The biggest players in the market are little more than “gifting platforms” that still require the sender to know what they want to send and often don’t have any degree of deep personalization that makes the recipient feel valued, nor the actionable intelligence that allows the sender to make better business decisions. Not to mention, those enterprise solutions can be incredibly expensive (upwards of $30,000 annually).

When EvaBot co-founders Rabi Gupta, Satwick Saxena, Ashish Kumar, and Akshay Gupta immigrated to the US in 2016, they immediately realized how hard it was to build relationships if you do not already have some kind of foothold, community or network to rely on. So they started to think about gifting as a means to accelerate the development of professional relationships. Stemming from research that proved that humans share more information while chatting with a bot than other humans, they had the idea to develop a bot that could gather information quickly to better understand what people like so they could create a more personal, deeper connection.

Enter EvaBot. Once a sender shares a universal, dynamic link via email or text, the recipient can start answering a few engaging questions about their likes, preferences, or lifestyle. After about 3-4 minutes, EvaBot can select and send the perfect personalized surprise gift tailored to the recipient’s tastes, packaged in a company’s own branded box along with a handwritten note. EvaBot is 100 percent 
opt-in and does not require any downloads for the recipient.

“Relationship building is all about being thoughtful and showing the other person you care about them and understand the kinds of things that make them happy,” said Gupta, CEO of EvaBot. “Nobody really appreciates getting branded swag from another company anymore. We want to help teams find interesting products that their clients will appreciate and actually value, but the gift itself is not the end game. 
It’s about creating a deeper, more engaging customer and employee experience that carries value beyond the initial interaction.”

EvaBot is used by teams across multiple industries including real estate, customer engagement, employee engagement, sales and marketing. One of its more notable customers is Cigna, a global health services company, offering insurance and Medicare plans to individuals, families, and businesses.

“It’s clear that corporate administrative tasks are unbundling, for example calendaring.  Similarly, we believe that automated, personalized solutions will emerge in the gifting space; but, the opportunity around gifting is so much larger because as a social gesture it goes right to the heart of client sales and employee retention.  In a world of increasingly remote work, gifting will become an important tool for companies to build and sustain relationships with clients and employees that they don’t often see face to face. Eva is the only company that has built a technology that actually replicates personal gifting, where real consideration and care has been taken to choose a gift that suits the receiver and yet is still a surprise.”, said Andrew Cleland from Comcast ventures who joins the board of EvaBot.

EvaBot has shipped more than 125,000 unique, personalized gifts to date with 90 percent customer satisfaction. The team is headquartered in San Francisco with staff based in Dallas, Texas as well as Canada and India.

About EvaBot

EvaBot is an emotionally intelligent gifting solution that enables thoughtful companies to accelerate the key relationships that increase both growth and competitive advantage. With a platform built to generate emotional engagement and to collect actionable intelligence, EvaBot is the standard in amplifying the customer and employee experience, creating an unforgettable journey for the recipient and truly valuable insight for the company. The company’s vision is to set the standard for business relationship development by using AI to personalize the physical and digital experience. For more information, please visit EvaBot.com and request a quick demo to experience EvaBot firsthand.

Eva is the future of business relationships. A future that starts now.

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